The New Room, virtual tour – on demand

Quick info:

  • Type of event: online
  • Date: on demand
  • Time: on demand
  • Location: The New Room website
  • Meeting point: n/a
  • Cost: free
  • Booking instructions: no booking required

Welcome to The New Room, the oldest Methodist building in the world, right here in Broadmead, Bristol! This fascinating building was built in 1739 by famous preacher, John Wesley, and his friend. Above the chapel are the rooms in which Wesley and other preachers lived. The chapel includes a double volume pulpit, which was common at the time, and an octagonal lantern window to reduce the amount paid in Window tax. In addition to meetings and worship, The New Room was used as a dispensary and schoolroom for poor people living in the area. The pews and benches were made from old ship timber.

Explore this extraordinary piece of church history, with its origins firmly rooted in the fabric of Bristol, through the online tour specifically designed for you.

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