Badock’s Wood – year round, any time

Quick info:

  • Type of event: in person
  • Date: daily
  • Time: anytime
  • Location: Badock’s Wood, Entrance, Lakewood Rd, Bristol BS10 5HW
  • Meeting point: Badock’s Wood
  • Cost: free
  • Booking instructions: no booking required

‘Want a break from the noise and bustle of city life? At Badock’s Wood you can find a vast 10-hectares of green space with broad-leaved woodland situated in a limestone valley in the north-west of Bristol. It provides the residents of Bristol (Students especially!) a wildlife haven in an urban setting. It is used for many educational activities but is most famous for the 3,500-year-old Bronze Age burial mound. With a very interesting history behind the site, it is definitely a walk that you do not want to miss!’

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